Grown right here
in Portland, Oregon.

No Imports.
No Wholesale.
No Stem Rot.
No Drama Plants.

  • Authentic cultivar
  • At least one active growth point
  • Rooted and calloused
  • All-natural variegation

At A Few More Plants, we grow and sell our plants the old-fashioned way: by buying select stock plants, cultivating them, and selling the propagations!

Unlike other rare plant nurseries, we do not buy our plants wholesaled. 100% of plants we sell are sourced domestically from within the USA, then grown in-house right here in Portland, Oregon!

We grow all plants ourselves to provide you with the best plants we can possibly produce. We are able to cultivate spectacular specimens because:

  • We know the plant’s genetics and origin, therefore we can guarantee the authenticity of the plants we sell.
  • There’s no question on previous husbandry. We guarantee that these plants are well cared for and well-loved, and it will show when you open the package!
  • All of our plants are fully acclimated, rooted, with at least one active growth point pushing growth before leaving our care. We do not sell recently imported plants or fresh cuttings.
  • We guarantee that all variegation is natural: we do not endorse or sell plants with temporary Chemically Induced Variegation, (NO C.I.V.)
  • We utilize beneficial nematodes as our method of organic and safe pest control.

Licensed Oregon Nursery

License No.

A Few More Plants — About
Syngonium Milk Confetti 2021

We are A Few More Plants, an online nursery that specializes in variegated collector plants.

We pride ourselves on the health and variegation of our plants, as well as our customer service and quality delivery for our collectors.

Our goal is to connect you with your perfect wish list plants!

Purposeful Packaging


We select only non-toxic shipping materials that are durable during transit, and recyclable / reusable / compostable after it has fulfilled its purpose.

From thermal labeling to cushioning materials, we’ve put a lot of thought into how our business impacts the environment, without compromising on the safety of our plants during their journey to you.

A Few More Plants — About
Alocasia Frydek 2021